University of Pittsburgh ‘21
Majoring in History

Being a fellow in PGH Christian Studies has provided me with many opportunities to get to know other Christians and to grow my faith. It has been incredible to get to know many of my peers and professors and understand them and their backgrounds, sharing in discussions on both a personal and an academic level.

The program has provided a very needed bridge for me between my faith and the daily academic routine. PGH Christian Studies emphasizes providing opportunities for students to bring their faith into their line of study by recommending classes and running mini-seminars which equip students with the knowledge and skills they may need both in the classroom and in their later career. One such course I took was Professor McDermott’s Invention of English class. During class, there were many opportunities for me to present my perspective to my peers, and likewise, to hear their thoughts and thus enter discussion with non-Christians on issues of both Christian and secular importance. My favorite topic, and one that I went on to research for my final paper, was the role of pilgrimage in Medieval society and, comparatively, in modern times. While the discussion broadened my perspective and made me see that pilgrimage is not exclusively a Christian idea, it also allowed me to understand the basis for pilgrimage within the Christian tradition and apply it to my faith today. All this would not have been possible without PGH Christian Studies.

PGH Christian Studies has been and will continue to be the highlight of my university experience. I look forward to future discussions and classes, as well as further conversations with both peers and faculty.