Carnegie Mellon '15
Music Performance

View Samantha's transcript to see how she fit Christian Studies courses into a time-consuming music performance major.

Christian Studies courses have supplemented my college learning experience as a violin performance major at CMU by allowing me to study something I am passionate about in a field other than music. I really enjoy Christian Studies courses because they allow me to spend time studying something that is so relevant to my life, not just as a student, but as a Christian.  These courses inform and supplement my faith's 'head knowledge.' This is really fascinating because the knowledge I gain from these courses comes from an academic and secular perspective, which gives me a more well-rounded education about my faith. I am hearing about Christianity not just from other Christians, church, and my own studies, but from professors looking at my faith from an analytical perspective. These courses have also challenged me because it is difficult for me to look at my faith, which I am so passionate about, from a purely historical perspective. These challenges have helped me to think about my faith in new ways and chew on things which ultimately strengthened my belief. As a violinist, Christian studies have supplemented my music because I play my violin as an act of worshiping God. The more I am informed of my faith, the better I am able to worship.