University of Pittsburgh '16
Religious Studies, B.A.
Politics and Philosophy, B.A.
Leadership certificate

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Christianity has permeated every academic discipline, and made major contributions to each of the scientific and humane disciplines. During my time at the University of Pittsburgh, I have enjoyed the opportunity to study this Christian world-view through the Christian Studies program, particularly in the disciplines of politics and philosophy. In politics, I was able to take a Religion & Law course that focused on the way Christianity has influenced jurisprudence and litigation in the United States. Through the lens of historical precedent, we studied many current, or very recent, Supreme Court cases involving Christian groups fighting for their right to free exercise of religion. In philosophy, I completed an independent study in Christian Studies, focusing on the philosophical thought of John Henry Newman, a 19th century philosopher and priest. This course, which was advised by Prof. Ryan McDermott (Pitt, English) and Dr. Kevin Mongrain (National Institute for Newman Studies/Duquesne), allowed me to study, in a very deep way, the relationship between faith and reason as framed within the tradition of orthodox Christianity, all while earning advanced-level philosophy credit towards my degree. This course was probably the most fulfilling course I have had at the University, and it was made possible by the Christian Studies program.