University of Pittsburgh '11
Philosophy, with Electrical Engineering minor

View Peter's annotated transcript to see how he integrated Christian Studies courses into his Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences degree requirements.

"While pursuing my major in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, I took every opportunity to take Christian Studies courses. It is no exaggeration to say that all my classes while in the school of Arts and Sciences were taken with a mind towards growth as a Christian scholar. I chose my philosophy classes with an eye toward ancient philosophy, from which the Christian intellectual tradition grew and developed. My electives were an excellent opportunity to explore the historical and literary legacy of Christianity. In particular, Dr. Toker’s course, Introduction to Western Architecture, plunged me into the rich history of western church architecture. In addition to technical and historical considerations, Dr. Toker highlighted elements of Christian spirituality and practice that were built into these magnificent engineering marvels. I especially appreciated the attention given to the often-overlooked period of the Middle Ages, with their soaring Gothic cathedrals within their intricate societies. Seeing the evolution of architecture emphasized how much Christianity is built into the very fabric of western civilization. For myself, engaging the Christian intellectual heritage in this class, and others like it, deeply enriched my college experience with enjoyable courses, which gave me a profound intellectual appreciation for my faith."