University of Pittsburgh '15
Bioengineering, with Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry minors

View Michael's transcript to see how he fit Christian Studies courses into a challenging Bioengineering major.

Every engineering major is force-fed basic science, math, and engineering courses during their freshman year and I easily got caught up in that mindset that those would be the only type of classes I would take and enjoy during my time at Pitt.  Therefore, there is a reason that the Engineering school requires each student to take at the very least 6 social science and/or humanities classes in order to graduate.  At the time during my freshman year, I would always groan and whine at the thought of being forced to take classes that I really had little interest in just because they wanted us to get a little bit of educational diversity.  However, my faith and interest in religion began to grow rapidly outside of the classroom and I began to realize that I could take this opportunity to take Christian Studies courses that I was interested in, and by doing so I would fulfill my humanities requirement.  Therefore, I registered for Orthodox Christianity, a course designed as an overview of the history, teachings, and rituals of Eastern Orthodox Christianity taught by Dr. Milica Hayden.  Above all, the course has had a huge impact on my knowledge of many of the early Saints in the east.  There are many great stories of leadership and martyrdom that were discussed in the course, which is very interesting to me, and I may have never learned about these Saints if I had not sought out a Christian Studies course to take alongside of my engineering major.  I regret not figuring this out sooner in my undergraduate career, because I could have fit in a few more Christian Studies courses into my schedule which would have all counted towards my degree.  I highly recommend to all engineers to try one of these courses early on in their academic careers so that they may have the opportunity to take multiple courses that will help strengthen their knowledge in Christianity and their faith.