Mary Liz picture.png

Mary Liz
University of Pittsburgh ‘20
Majoring in Microbiology

Going to school at Pitt, it is far too easy to compartmentalize my faith and my desire to learn. PGH Christian Studies reminds me that my intellect was given to me by God for the purpose of knowing Him, and that God doesn’t just want to be a part of my personal life: He wants to be a part of every aspect of my life, including my academic and intellectual life.

PGH Christian Studies provides a platform on which to intellectually grow in my faith side by side with a strong and diverse community. I find it especially beneficial to get to know Christians from other denominations that I would not typically interact with, and to get to know adult Christians living their faith. Especially in my field of the biological sciences, Christianity and religion in general are looked at as something that is illogical, or something that was invented to cover up people’s ignorance about the world around them. Interacting with professors in my field who have dedicated their lives to both intellectual and spiritual growth serve beautiful and needed reminders that in no way, shape or form is Christianity and knowledge of the world around us at all incompatible.