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How to Do Good Work

Thinking about mainstream scholarship, and your relation to it. Learning from scholarship you don’t agree with. Distinguishing between good and bad goals and professional images. Being a good colleague. How to build up credit in your field; how to spend it when you have some. All these things will be discussed in this lecture by Prof. Ryan McDermott.

This short seminar for graduate students and postgrads is an opportunity to discuss the practical and theoretical challenges and affordances of working with the Christian intellectual traditions. Whether you are computer scientist seeking to integrate personal faith with your research, or a secular historian working on the Great Awakening, this seminar covers a range of topics relevant to a wide array of disciplines and academic goals. No reading required. Each seminar will open with a talk by Ryan McDermott (Associate Professor of English, Pitt) and leave plenty of time for discussion.

Listen to this lecture here: