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Colloquium on the Christian Intellectual Life

  • Cathedral of Learning Room 501 (map)

The theme of this year's student-run colloquium is "Spirit and Matter".  

For much of the history of western thought, metaphysical investigations were nothing out of the ordinary. Platonism undergirded church fathers like Augustine, who continued to allow their faith to seek understanding of the intelligible realm. However, by the time Kant was through with his Critique of Pure Reason a new pneumatology (study of the spirit) emerged: the separation of spirit and matter. The 19th and 20th centuries saw the rise of philosophical naturalism and today one could argue that this is the mainline philosophical school, at least in western thought.

So questions remain: How do Christians operate in such a context? Can cases be made to reignite the western mind with metaphysics? How can modern scientific disciplines also recognize principles that exist independently of human thought? These are just a few questions we hope to answer this year.
We will have two 15-minute talks followed by approximately 30-35 minutes of group discussion. Then we will have a panel discussion led by interdisciplinary students to end the evening. A dinner at The Porch is to follow.

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