Carnegie Mellon University '17
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering



The Pittsburgh Christian Studies program helped me to engage in the intellectual life of my faith in the midst of my engineering classes. I am so grateful for the connections I have made through this program.

Christianity is a religion based on an amazing intellectual tradition cultivated by countless saints and scholars. In my experience on my college campus, religion is something to hide because it is seen as being outdated or ridiculous in a modern world. The PGH Christian Studies program gave me the unique opportunity to engage the Christian faith both in the classroom and through group events and excursions. By engaging with students from different universities and faiths, I was able to explore and discuss topics that would be taboo in my engineering classes. From classes to movie nights to visits to local Christian sites, I was able to engage in my faith while also making deeper connections within the Pittsburgh community. The program is a fantastic and practical way to live for Christ in the university and beyond.

A quick note for engineers: the PGH Christian Studies program made it easy for me to find gen-eds on topics that I would enjoy. I don't like courses with a lot of writing, but taking courses that focused on Christian history made it easier for me to power through essays. I recommend teaming up with other PGH Christian fellows to take classes together!